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Madlen Werner
Madlen is a versatile and experienced dancer and offers a range of stunning oriental dance performances, which fuse together the traditional and the contemporary, the East and the West, to create dynamic and exciting dance demonstrations that will really impress audiences. Her career began at the age of six and her earliest exploits into the dancing world include ballet and improvisational dance on different festivals in Germany, Denmark, France and the Czech Republic.
Today Madlen can look back upon almost 20 years of Oriental dance and 18 years of professional Kathak dance education. She is a professional choreographer with a wealth of experience performing at all kinds of events across Europe and the world, she can create bespoke choreographed dance shows that incorporate any number of dance styles and soundtracks; from a high-energy dance show performed to rousing rhythms and beating drums, to an elegant dance with a melodious and ambient soundtrack. Whether you’re looking for a short high-impact performance, background entertainment or a center stage show, she can create a performance perfectly suited to your event. A range of exotic traditional and modern costumes are also available to change the aesthetic look of the dance to suit your specific event theme.

Originally trained as in classical Indian dance “Kathak” and oriental dance, she has combined elements from dance around the world including flamenco, Balkan and contemporary dance and hip-hop to create a range of incredible dance shows that will appeal to audiences of all nationalities and ages.
  • Oriental Fusion & Tribal Fusion Bellydance

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    Tribal Fusion is still a relatively young oriental dance style. The main features of this style of dance include improvisation and incorporations of many modern genres of dance from cultures around the world, making this dance extremely individual and unique. This style of dance offers an impressive visual spectacle that will fascinate and delight audiences of all ages and nationalities.

  • Kathak - Classical Indian Dance

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    This classical North Indian dance is known for is impressive rhythmic footwork and patterns, rapid pirouettes and dramatic presentations of themes from Persian poetry and Hindu mythology.
    Originally from northern India performed by the travelling storytellers called “Kathakars”, the Dance quickly found its way to the Indian royal courts and developed there to its present stage form. During the dance anklets dressed with bells are worn to accentuate the complex footwork and create a beautiful accompanying sound.

  • Bollywood Dance

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    Also known as modern Indian Dance or Indian Movie Dance, this show incorporates an eclectic mix of classical Indian dance styles including Kathak and Bharata Natyam, Indian folk dance, Bhangra and many western styles of dance. Captivating and expressive, a high-energy emotive dance soundtrack is an important part of the show.
    Colourful and opulent, this style of dance is perfect for a whole range of events including sangeets

In addition to her solo dance performances, Madlen can also appear as part of a dance ensemble for larger events in need of a high-impact multi-performer show. She is also a proficient Taiko drummer and can offer Taiko drumming demonstrations alongside her dance performances or as a performance in its own right.
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Aktuelle Auftritte:

12.1.19 Cottbus/corporate gig

4./5.2.19 Tauffahrt "Mein Schiff 2"/ Bollywood Dance Show on Board

13.-20.3.19 Klangwelten Berlin,

23.03.19 Fujiama Night Club, Bollywood Ensemble "Rang De",

27./28.4.19 Töpfermarkt Königs Wusterhausen, Walkact mit Los Diletanttos

26.05.19 Kunstmarkt Bernau b. Berlin, Tanz

Devi-Dance at the movies:
"Marry Me & Family"
(dance and artistic advisor)

"CRO - Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt" (dance and choreography), out now, barefoot productions/ warner bros, mit Til Schweiger u.v.a.m.

"Dein Song" in "Rockstars zähmt man nicht", Fernsehfilm mit Tom Beck, TV Premiere am 22.08.17 20:15 Uhr in Sat 1, Pantaleon Films


Kurse & Workshops:

6./7.2.19 Tangente Dance Festival/ Workshop "Kathak Modern",

9.-31.1.19 Offenes Winter Special Tanzstudio La Caminada, Programm:

Einsteigerkurs: "Roots To Grow"
Tribal Fusion Kurs, Do. 18.00 - 19.30
im La Caminada Tanzstudio, Böckhstr. 21, U-Bhf. Schönleinstraße
Anmeldung unter oder 030 - 6949744

Neuer Kurs: Kathak Modern
Dienstags 18.00-19.00 Uhr
12 Termine von Sep. bis Dez. 2018
Beginn / Schnupperstunde: 4. September 2018, Tanztangente Berlin: Ahornstraße 24, 12163 Berlin
Anmeldung unter: Tel: 030 43777864,